When preparing to buy or rent a property, it is important to know that it is both structurally sound as well as safe. Quality home inspections from R & R Home Inspection are the answer. Specialties extend to mold testing and mold assessments for existing homeowners, as well as radon testing to check for the presence of dangerous gas.

“Find the unexpected with a thorough home inspection” is owner and operator, Ed Rosenberger’s, motto. There is never a rush and he always takes his time on each job; performing only one inspection per day to ensure it is thorough. Each of his clients can expect a detailed report first thing the following morning.

His specialty services include:

  • Home inspection
  • Mold assessment
  • Mold testing
  • Radon testing


See what R & R Home Inspection can do for you:

Home Inspection

Along with a general home inspection, R & R Home Inspection can also perform a mold inspection or a radon inspection. As of 2007, it is mandatory for rental properties to be thoroughly inspected in the Baltimore County area, if the dwellings don’t appear on the exemption list. By 2019, 1 and 2 bedroom units for rent will also require home inspections as per the new regulations.

When you book a home inspection, your inspection report will cover:

  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Structural
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Roof
  • Garage
  • Electrical
  • Built-in appliances

Quality home inspections are the core of R & R Home Inspection. Ensure your peace of mind. Have your home inspected by your local expert today.

Mold Testing

The presence of mold can present a real health risk apart from being just plain unsightly. Mold spores can cause illness, asthma and exacerbate allergies. R & R Home Inspection performs expert mold testing and mold assessment. Testing procedures include:

  • Surface Sampling (tape lift, sterile swabs, contact plate, cassettes)
  • Air Sampling (spore traps, culture traps)
  • Wall Check Cassettes
  • Carpet Check Cassettes
  • Delivery of a mold report

Mold testing and mold assessment helps to determine the cause of mold and extent of the mold infestation. Discover and understand mold-related issues through professional investigation.

For the very best in home inspection services, call today at 410-960-1085.